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Reprtoir user interface design overhaul ✍️

These past weeks we spent some time redesigning various aspects of your Reprtoir account with the aim of simplifying the user interface and making things clearer. Many little design tweaks have been made here and there. Here are the most prominent ones:

  • The Create New button in the left sidebar Navigation menu is no more. Instead we have added the buttons allowing you to create your albums, tracks, playlists etc. directly from inside their respective lists.
  • In every panel and list you will find Actions buttons that, upon clicking on them, will display a dropdown menu featuring actions you can initiate on a selection.

We just added shareable playlists!

Now users can create playlists of tracks and share them with people outside of their Reprtoir accounts. This feature allows them to pitch and present selections of recordings to external partners quickly and efficiently. Playlists are shared via online landing pages that Reprtoir generates and that users send out to their contacts through emails and links. This makes sharing music, sending catalog and pitching tracks extra simple and effortless. Here is an article we wrote that explains how all of this works:

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Filter design overhaul

We decided to redesign our filters section to make it more versatile. The changes we just implemented may seem like small adjustments, but in reality they are game changing. Here is what filters looked like before: And here is what they look like now: So what does this mean? Before we would display every single category of content and tags in the filters section whereas now the users construct their own sets of filters. This gives way to two major improvements:

  1. Users will have much more flexibility when filtering their content and finding what they are looking for in their catalogs.
  2. The filters section is not clogged up with tons of unused filters.
The new filters section works by adding the filters you need one after  another. Here is an article we wrote that explains how all of this works: How filtering works in Reprtoir

Design overhaul

Reprtoir’s interface has undergone many design revisions these past weeks. After numerous trails and errors, we have applied what we believe was necessary to make the user interface more user-friendly. I am not going to go into any details regarding what was modified. Some things and quite apparent while others are not so flagrant, but a lot has been done to bring you this latest version of the app. Enjoy.

Exports are here!

We have finally added the possibility to export metadata and / or audio files! More precisely, users will now be able to:

  • Select any element such as albums, tracks, writers, publishers, tags etc. and generate a spreadsheet regrouping all of those elements’ metadata.
  • Select any elements associated to audio files such as albums and tracks and generate a zip containing those elements’ audio files.
In other words, users can now easily export their metadata in spreadsheets as well as their audio files in just a couple of clicks. The process to export metadata or audio files is simple: all a user needs to do is select its desired element, rights click, choose “Export” and then choose the desired export format. The Notification Center tells you when exports are being generated and when they are ready to be downloaded. To download them, users can either click on the link in the email Reprtoir sends them telling them their export is ready, or they can simply go into the Notification Center and click on the notification.

New lists: Writers and Publishers

We have just added two new essential resources to Reprtoir: Writers and publishers You can now import and assign writer and publisher information to any track in your catalog. They can be found in:

  • the tracks’ mass edit
  • the tracks’ forms
  • in the directory
  • and also in your spreadsheets as default columns
Like with any other type of resource, users can create, edit and tag writers and publishers as well as filter lists with them.

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New lists: Catalogs, Tags, Tag Categories

Up until now, we only had Artists lists, Album lists and Track lists that an account could load up in order to tag and edit its content. Now we have added the following resources:

  • Catalogs: It is now possible to separate two distinct catalogs inside of an account and treat them as unique elements. This allows users to tag and edit catalogs in exclusive ways. For example, this will come on handy if a label manages various sub-labels.
  • Tags: Users were able to create tags before but they couldn’t rename them, assign them to new categories and or even delete them. Now this is possible directly from the Tag list.
  • Tag Categories: Same thing for the Tag Categories. Users could create them but could not rename them of delete. Now they can.
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New Play / Pause button

To give you more visibility when a track is being played in a list, we added a play/pause icon that appears on the track’s line when you hover over its track listing number with your mouse.

We also colored that track’s metadata and the player’s waveform with the same color you chose for your account’s theme.

Deleting artists

It is now possible to delete artists from the Artist list as well as from an artist’s panel. You can only delete an artist if that artist is not already associated to another asset such as an album or a track.

We’re starting a changelog 👌

Big news today, we're starting a public changelog so you're always up to date with all the updates, improvements and fixes that are made in Reprtoir.

Even though we work on Reprtoir all the time, sometimes it may seem that not much is happening. This changelog is here to prove we got things going on in the background.