Exports are here!

We have finally added the possibility to export metadata and / or audio files!

More precisely, users will now be able to:

  • Select any element such as albums, tracks, writers, publishers, tags etc. and generate a spreadsheet regrouping all of those elements’ metadata.
  • Select any elements associated to audio files such as albums and tracks and generate a zip containing those elements’ audio files.

In other words, users can now easily export their metadata in spreadsheets as well as their audio files in just a couple of clicks.

The process to export metadata or audio files is simple: all a user needs to do is select its desired element, rights click, choose “Export” and then choose the desired export format.

The Notification Center tells you when exports are being generated and when they are ready to be downloaded. To download them, users can either click on the link in the email Reprtoir sends them telling them their export is ready, or they can simply go into the Notification Center and click on the notification.