Numerous improvements have been brought

Our last changelog was about redesigning the platform and this update goes along those same lines. This time we actually went even deeper in the remodeling of the interface by modifying and improving tons of little (and some not so little) things here and there. Because there is quite a lot of ground to cover, and because all of these changes have already been loaded to your Reprtoir account, we will just give a brief description of the most significant changes brought to your account. Here goes: Edit sidebar:
  • We have deleted the mass edit feature when multiple resources are selected. Any type of resource editing now happens in a unique Edit selection sidebar.
  • We have also improved how users can assign tags and resources to multiple resources selected simultaneously. To accomplish this, we’ve added innovative Add and Remove tools that allow you to manage resource tagging in any way you see fit.
  • When editing a resource, one can now create any resource directly from the resource forms in the Edit selection sidebar without having to open up that resource’s creation panel. Instead, resources are created on the spot. Sorry for making this sound complicated. In other words, we have greatly improved how resources are created when editing resources.
  • The Edit sidebar is now more compact, allows better navigation and is generally better integrated to the interface than before. At least we hope you think so!
  • The resource creation panel has now been replaced by an overlapping resource creation sidebar. Before, when you created a new album, playlist, artist, or any other type of resource, you would have a bulky ugly panel open on the right pushing and compacting the rest of your interface on the left. We have now fixed that by making a unique resource creation sidebar for every resource.
  • The column templates hamburger has now been placed more conveniently on the right of the list’s search engine.
  • Now, from within lists, users can directly click on resources to open them up. For instance, from the Album List, all album names are blue links that open up their respective album panels when you click on them.
  • Action icons associated to resources from within lists now only appear when you hover over these resource’s respective lines. This makes your interface cleaner and less cluttered.
  • We’ve moved your filters on the left of your List Section. Instead of having to expand them like before, now your filters are displayed at all times. We believe this will make the filtering experience more convenient.
  • You can now edit multiple playlist shares at once.
  • You now have the possibility to add tracks to playlists directly by right-clicking on track from the Tracks’ list and choosing “Add tracks to playlists”.
That’s about it for today. A lot to take in. Many of these changes are not that apparent but make a big difference in how you will manage your metadata. We hope they make your lives easier.