We’ve added analytics to playlist sharing!

Playlist analytics data is something many of our users have been asking for and we have finally added them to Reprtoir accounts.

Everytime a contact interacts with a playlist, here is the data we are pulling in:


This amounts to the number of times your contact has accessed your playlist’s page


We report back the number of streams that each track inside the playlist has made


Every time a track within the playlist is downloaded, you’ll know about it


Users will be able to view when any of the interactions cited above have taken place easily on a flexible timeline

Users will have all of this data displayed for each track within their playlists. This will give them powerful insights on how their contacts are interacting with their playlists, as well as how their tracks are performing when shared with external partners.

Playlist Analytics are now available in the Audio Manager Essential plan.

Record Labels, Metadata Collector revamp, new panes and various design improvements

Record Labels:

We’ve added a new asset to Reprtoir accounts: Record labels.

Essentially, Record Labels are a new entity representing master right owners that tracks can be associated to. For instance, if you are managing a label, you can associate your artists’ recordings to a given Record Label you have created.

Metadata tabs:

We’ve restructured metadata information found in most of your assets such as albums, tracks, artists, etc. to make things more coherent.

We’ve divided your metadata into two main tabs: Your Details tab and your Collector tab.

Metadata Collector:

The Metadata Collector has undergone a big upgrade. Here are its highlights:

  • All data fetched by the Metadata Collector is now found within the Collector tab.
  • The Metadata Collector of Tracks now gives users access to two different sub-tabs: one tab called “Metadata” contains the Spotify metadata of the track and another tab called “Audio Analysis" contains the track’s audio characteristics.
  • We are also fetching more data than before from Spotify for your albums, tracks, artists, etc.
  • Last but not least, we’ve improved the fetching of the data: on one hand data is fetched every single day now allowing for daily updates, and on the other hand, when your assets are modified (for instance if you change an artist name), we go fetch data immediately according to the modifications brought to the asset.

New panes:

We have added panes for Writers, Publishers, Record Labels, Contacts and Companies.

The metadata relevant to these assets will now be found inside of these panes.